• T10-Wedge-Base-LED, LED Related Product
  • T10-Wedge-Base-LED, LED Related Product

T10 3chips Wedge Base LED

    Eye Safety Information

    These LED devices are measured to be AEL Class 2 LED Products per IEC 825-1 and CENELEC EN60825-1 Standards when operated at the maximum data sheet dc drive current. For eye safety, do not stare into the light beam of these LED devices at close range.

Product Feature
A Low Current Requirements
B High tdght Output
C Higher Retdabitdty
D Vibration And Shock Resistance
Product Specification

Electrical/optical characteristics at TA=25℃

1 Part Number T10 3chips Wedge Base LED
2 Bases Model Wedge
3 Materail InGaAlP
4 Emitting
5 Chromaticity Coordinates
X - 0.29
Y - 0.30
6 Forward Current
12V (mA)
TYP - 20
7 Luminous Intensity
12V (mcd)
MIN. - 230
TYP. - 380
8 Life Time (hr) 100K
9 Electric Resistaice (Ω) 75
10 VDC,VAC,Bi-Polar VDC


  • We Will Provide One-to-one Replacement Of Almost Any Incandescent Bulb Being Used Without Modification To Existing Equipment.
  • Verify Your Application Parameters﹙supply Voltage,Series Resistance,Socket Type,Polarity, Ambient Conditions.
  • Customer Designs Are Always Welcom.