Game Machine

Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of size and shape buttons. Applicable to all kinds of special button sets on any specific arcade machine in the market. The buttons can be equipped with the bulb or LED lights and customized printing on the legend. We also provide spare parts such as joystick, cabinet buttons, tower lights, stick parts and coin meters for all game machines.

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Vending Machine

The specific small size buttons can be used to the vending machine selection buttons, and the color of the button can be customized with the appearance of the machine. The color of the button is determined by the selection of a product if it is in stock or not. Our product range is sufficient to support the huge demands of spare parts on vending machines in self-service stores.

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Amusement Machine

All plastic parts of the button are made of Chi-Mei PC material, which is durable and stable and has passed 10 million mechanical press test. The button can afford to be intensely slapped by users without damage while playing the arcade games. Except for the amusement machine, the designated buttons can be applied to the rehabilitation equipment as neural response test, hands functional recovery.

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Access Control

All kinds of round and square size illuminated pushbuttons with recognizable graphics printing, it can be used in the access control system of disabled toilets. The user can open the sliding door automatically by the activation of the pushbutton switch without any effort.
It can apply to the parking token collection equipment in the night parking lot. Before the car enters the gate, the drivers have to search the ticket pick-up position to collect the token due to the area of the gate is dim. The illuminated pushbuttons can indicate the location of the parking ticket collection for drivers to mitigate the danger and avoid accidents.

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Charger Device

The demand for power charging is increasing due to the personal portable electronic devices are highly popular. Our embedded charging devices which are light and convenient can be installed in the car, yacht or waiting room in a building. Apart for USB charging socket, we also supply wireless charging devices to provide a total solution for different customers. The devices can be combined with various office furniture to create a convenient power charging environment.

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LED Lighting

Starting from the single light LED strip to RGB Flex Neon LED light, all LED chips on strips are transmitted by independent ICs to make the effect of illuminating colors. All flexible strips can be bent to fit the angle of the frame of the machine. There are no length restrictions, you can customize the length for your demands.
The white LED strip can be used as supplementary lighting inside the machine and the RGB LED strip is more attractive on the entertainment machine. The dazzled LED effects can increase the player's willingness to participate in the game. The RGB flexible LED strip also can be cooperated with the gambling machine to show the winning signal for operators. Moreover, all kinds of LED flexible strips can be applied in different industries.

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